I Was Almost Conned Out Of $1800 By My Local Mechanic

Written By Sammy Holland - March 5, 2021

PLUS: How I discovered a dangerous problem in the nick of time

For car owners like me, little is more stressful than when the Check Engine light suddenly comes on out of the blue.

Even my brother, who’s a real whizz when it comes to cars, will get hot under the collar when that notorious warning signal rears its head. Of course, it could be a tiny little issue that needs attending too, but there’s a chance it could be much worse, not just for your car – but for your wallet too!

Over the last fortnight my car had been giving me some issues. I hoped it was nothing but then my heart sank as the Check Engine light suddenly lit up on the way to my daughter’s dance class.

Anyone who’s been in that situation knows the feeling of dread when you see the warning illuminating your dashboard. For all you know, it could be a really serious problem that puts you and your loved ones in jeopardy.

Even if it’s a small issue, if you don’t get it checked, over time it could develop into something much worse. And the really annoying thing is – it’s impossible to tell what the problem is without more info!

So, as with all these problems, in the end it usually results in a trip to the mechanic, and having to trust that what they say is true. If you have a really trustworthy mechanic then hold on to them for dear life – they’ll save you thousands! However I thought we had a great mechanic too, until we were very nearly scammed…

That’s why this little device I found has been an absolute godsend. By identifying the issue BEFORE you see the mechanic, you can have ALL the facts at your disposal so you don’t end up paying drastically over the odds for a problem that doesn’t need fixing.

I got the device from a flash sale on the internet and decided to give it a try.”

Last month I came across an advert for a product called FIXD, which said it can identify any problem when the Check Engine light is showing. I had heard of it before through friends who spoke highly of it, so I decided to put it to the test.

I placed the order and it arrived quickly in just three days. The first thing that impressed me was how easy it is to set up – it took less than 60 seconds. I just paired the device to an app on my smartphone, plugged it under the dashboard, and that was it – I was ready to give it a go.

As someone who appreciates “how-to” videos myself, I decided to record the whole process of using the device to see if I could identify my problem, before taking it to a trusted mechanic to see what they had to say.

We all know there are a lot of sketchy mechanics out there, but as ours was a friend of the family and we’d been seeing him for a decade, we always assumed he had our best interests at heart. But still, I wanted to get his second opinion on this device!

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Spoiler Alert: Within seconds the FIXD OBD2 Scanner had diagnosed my exact problem – and even better, it would cost under $150 to fix. I was elated, but still decided to take it to our mechanic so he could fix it for us. But that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

It turns out our friendly mechanic wasn’t all that friendly at all. Despite knowing him for years, he tried to charge us over $1800 by lying about a whole host of “problems” that didn’t exist at all! However, to be honest, at first I blamed FIXD, assuming the little device was faulty. But as our mechanic quoted us so much money, I took it to another for a second opinion.

The 2nd mechanic in my video confirmed that the ONLY problem was the exact same issue the FIXD device had told me. Well, instantly, he became my new mechanic, and I fell in love with this little device that just saved me thousands!

Plus here’s another thing – that honest mechanic I found (REALLY honest, not like my old one), actually told me about how other mechanics have started buying this device for themselves, as it makes it so much easier to diagnose problems compared to anything else.

However, some sketchy mechanics have been using FIXD on the side to diagnose problems, and then lying through their teeth about what needs doing to cars so they can rake in extra cash. Considering FIXD only costs $60, what they’re doing is daylight robbery. 

Thankfully I knew I’d never get conned by them again. FIXD is perfect for me. It discovered the exact problem in seconds and explained the issue in plain english right on my phone’s display. Honestly, it explains it better than most mechanics even can. 

And of course, FIXD is absolutely vital for if the day comes when you have a serious problem that you need a mechanic for. As FIXD tells you an estimated price of what a problem will cost to fix, you can visit the mechanic armed with all the facts, and then you’ll really discover if they are as honest as they seem! 

But there’s one thing that makes me love FIXD even more. Something that I didn’t even realise how much I needed it for…

“This is THE one device that will save car owners thousands”

It tells you when you should get your oil changed. As someone who constantly forgets the little things, FIXD’s handy reminders mean I never need to worry.

FIXD also lets you know when you should check your coolant or air filters, or when your tires are either due for a change or need more air. There are some many ways to simply maintain your car to increase the life of it by years, but because most of us forget, we end up shortening its life unnecessarily.

I used to always want to be an expert on cars and how to fix them, but now I don’t even feel like I need to be.

With FIXD, you can take your car to the shop and easily resist any pressure when they try to upcharge you. You no longer need to pay for maintenance addons when FIXD does all the checks for you.

FIXD puts all the power into your hands, so you know what needs doing, and what doesn’t! Bye bye sketchy mechanics, you won’t be fooling me again.

I’m so happy I discovered this genius little device! It’s saved me so many headaches, and also so much money!

How Does FIXD Work?

FIXD plugs into the OBD port of your car under your dash, and don’t worry, all cars after 1996 have this port. It’s the same port that mechanics use to plug their own code readers into.

The FIXD sensor connects via Bluetooth to the FIXD App you download to your smartphone (it works on both iPhones and Android), and instantly scans your entire car, letting you know immediately if it has found any problems.

FIXED can diagnose over 7000 different issues with your car in REAL TIME

If the FIXD device finds any problems, it will display them on the FIXD app on your phone, letting you know what’s wrong, how severe it is, how to fix it, and how much it will cost.

As it’s made primarily for everyday car owners, it tells you every problem in plain English without any complicated jargon.

Also, if you have a simple problem like a loose gas cap, FIXD can even turn your check engine light off right from the app. This is also a great function for if you want to turn the light off to see if it was a false alarm (like a computer glitch) or if the light pops back on again.

If it is a real problem that needs your attention, FIXD arms you with all the facts you need when visiting a mechanic. Trust me, you’ll be treated very differently when you walk into the shop knowing what you’re talking about. It’s this confidence that saves you big money.

Sounds Fantastic, But How Much Does it Cost?

With so many benefits and the ability to save you thousands, most people assume FIXD will cost a few hundred dollars. But that’s what makes this company even better. The founders have made it incredibly affordable so that every single car owner can avoid getting scammed by sketchy mechanics, save lots of money, and keep their family safe on the roads.

FIXD retails for only $59 plus shipping. When you compare this to the cost of a single trip to the mechanics, it pays for itself the first time your check engine light flashes on! For such a small investment, car owners can save many thousands over the lifetime of their car. Especially as FIXED gives you timely maintenance reminders too, to keep your car running like clockwork and out of the hands of sketchy mechanics.

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